State of the Art Equipment - - Jackson, MS

State of the Art Equipment

Dr. McCaa's patients at the LASIK Laser Eye Center are treated not only by one of the most experienced LASIK physicians in the nation.  She uses the newest, proven ophthalmological and LASIK equipment to ensure her patients benefit from the best technology available.

Dr. McCaa also uses the first and, to date, only Pentacam HR unit in the greater Jackson area.  The 3-D corneal scanner detects which patients
should not have LASIK due to preexisting cornea conditions.  This
prevents patients from having LASIK who are likely to have complications.  The Pentacam HR is used as part of Dr. McCaa's pre-LASIK eye exam for every potential LASIK patient.

Instead of using LASIK equipment that is brought on site monthly, Dr. McCaa has purchased all-new equipment that is permanenly on site at the LASIK Laser Eye Center, so her patients don't have to wait to receive the most advanced medicine.

This wave-front guided LASIK equipment is ...

- VISX Wavescan with IR & tracking – It scans light into the eyeball to detect abnormal areas that cause astigmatism and vision problems.  It is 25 times more precise than standard measurements for glasses or contact lens.  Since no two irises are alike, its iris registration (IR) feature creates a unique treatment plan for every eye, to precisely line up the excimer laser in the final LASIK step.

- Intralase FS laser – Part of traditional LASIK is using a blade to create a corneal flap.  But this super-high-speed unit creates the flap without a blade by using a cool laser instead.  It increases accuracy, reduces complications, and makes thinner flaps — which causes less interruption to the cornea and quicker healing.  To date, this is the only Intralase FS permanently on site in the Jackson area.

- VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser with IR & tracking – This reshapes the cornea to correct vision.  Data about each eye is fed from the Wavescan into the VISX Star S4 to ensure the excimer laser vaporizes specific abnormal portions of the mid-cornea (stroma).  Then the flap is reseated.  Tracking allows for accidental eye movement and instantly re-registers the alignment to prevent treatment errors.  To date, this is one of only two excimer lasers permanently on site in the Jackson area.

Why does LASIK equipment and experience matter?
The experience of the physician and the sophistication of the LASIK equipment increases the accuracy of the LASIK procedure, thereby improving patient's vision outcomes and reducing medical complications

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