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Contestants compete to lose most weight

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CLINTON, MS (WLBT) - You might already be a fan of the "Biggest Loser" TV show on NBC. Clinton is doing its own version of the weight loss competition.  16 contestants are hoping to change their lives and win big.

Before dawn Thursday morning, the wheels were already turning inside the Baptist Healthplex in Clinton during their weekly "boot camp".  The 16 contestants have 12 weeks to shed more weight than their competitors.

"What inspires me are my two beautiful children, who I need to be able to train, get the fitness and nutrition training, so I can show them the right way to be," said contestant Kaileen Gibbs.

That's the program's ultimate goal.  In the nation's most obese state, the "Arrow Meltdown" is sponsored by the Clinton Public School District, so parents and teachers can model a healthy lifestyle for their kids.

"One week,we'll do a spinning class, which a lot of times you'll see on the 'Biggest Loser,'" said Baptist Fitness Director Patrick Conn. "It'll be a combination of different things weekly."

And then comes the weigh in.  Gibbs is starting off as the program's heaviest contestant. Before stepping on the scale Thursday morning, she told us she'd like to see a loss of 5 to 7 lbs.  But it was more than that. Gibbs lost 10 pounds over the last week.

While the contestants are working out, they're not only keeping an eye on the pounds. They've also got their eyes on a $3500 prize. 

"You look to see what everybody else is doing, who else is here working out, and you wanna win," said contestant Pam Matthews. "I wanna win!"

But the biggest prize, contestants say, is their health.  "Even just feeling better, being able to move better," said Gibbs.  Matthews added, "To be able to walk outside without walking down the driveway, and being out of breath."

Conn said, "For everybody watching, I would just say a prayer for them, hope that they succeed, and they make it a lifestyle change. That's what we're shooting for, is a lifestyle change."

WLBT News will continue to follow the contestants' progress each week. The winner will be announced April 24th.

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