Support for tougher animal cruelty laws from insurance company - - Jackson, MS

Support for tougher animal cruelty laws from insurance company

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) –  2010 could be the year where a compromise is worked out and felony animal abuse legislation is passed in Mississippi.  

Farm Bureau, which has killed the proposed laws in the past, says it is willing to support laws which only deal with dogs and cats. 

Mississippi is one of only four states in the nation which do not have felony animal abuse laws.  There is plenty of animal abuse in this state

A puppy mill was broken up recently in Lee County in northeast Mississippi. There have been dog fighting arrests and WLBT gets numerous complaints about animal abuse. 

Farm Bureau has opposed felony animal abuse laws in the past.  David Waide, president of Farm Bureau says his organization opposes all animal abuse, but there is a huge animal meat production business in this state that could be affected, and rural farmers fear prosecution for humanely putting an animal down.

"We met with different groups throughout this summer.  I think we have got something that maybe we can all live with. We certainly can support something for dogs and cats," said Waide.

Sue Ellen Spurlock, who works in Ridgeland and is very active in animal rights crusades, hopes something can be done in Mississippi to enact a felony animal abuse law.

It's something that should concern everyone. Because those people who commit these malicious acts of cruelty to animals are the same people who commit violent crimes against children -- people who commit rape, murder abuse," said Spurlock

David Waide says his organization hopes a compromise can be worked out that deals with dogs and cats. 

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