MS NAACP supports health care reform - - Jackson, MS

MS NAACP supports health care reform

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The U.S. House could soon vote on its version of health care and the Mississippi Chapter of the NAACP is among those calling for reform.

Nearly a dozen members rallied on the steps of the State Capitol Thursday morning.

The group cited a recent study that found Mississippi ranks last when it comes to delivery of health care services.

The NAACP would like final passage of reform to include affordable and accessible healthcare for everyone. But they want the choice of private or public insurance. 

"I think it's vitally important for Mississippians to have access to health care. Without a public option, you don't have fair competition, which insures an affordable product for all citizens," said Derrick Johnson, MS NAACP president. 

An estimated 20% of Mississippians are without health insurance.

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