Sen. Wicker Wants Census Changes - - Jackson, MS

Sen. Wicker Wants Census Changes

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WLBT) - Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi says next year's census could negatively impact this state due to the increased number of illegal immigrants.

Wicker believes Mississippi could be at risk of losing a seat in congress. As a result, he supports the Republican Vitter-Bennett Bill. It mandates re-writing the current census form to add an 11th question - asking if you are an American citizen.

"we need to count citizens and citizens only and what we are learning... Some statistics show that we've seen in counting the last census, Mississippi actually lost a congressional seat from five members of the house to four members because other states which have so many non-citizens counted them," said Roger Wicker, Mississippi Republican Senator.

Many Democrats and civil rights organizations take issue with the questions and whether legal or illegal immigrants should count toward states apportionment in Congress.

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