Man found living in woods in Jackson - - Jackson, MS

Man found living in woods in Jackson

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - WLBT investigated a man living in the woods, within sight of the downtown Jackson skyline. 

He is 61-year-old Augustus Berry. He says he lives there so he can "go and come when I want to." He doesn't know how many years he has been there, but it's four or five, maybe longer. 

Berry goes to Gateway Rescue Mission often, to eat. They don't know him there but have seen him come in. He also takes a shower there. 

Michael Sweet, a counselor at Gateway says people like Berry are not willing to follow Gateway's program to get them away from being homeless. That involves giving up drugs of any kind, including alcohol. 

Debra McMahon of Brandon called our attention to Berry and went with us to try to talk him into finding shelter with the cold weather coming on. He said he would like to find shelter. His friend Roosevelt Gibson said he could be called at 601-502-1695 if somebody wants to help Gus, and he would see to it the help gets to him. 

Berry said he used to be a roofer, but had not done that in years, he doesn't remember how many.

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