Saturday testimony in Carla Hughes murder trial

In a rare occurrence testimony continued Saturday inside a Madison County courtroom.

During day six of the Carla Hughes murder trial the defense called character witnesses to the stand.

Lynda Nunn Hughes, the mother of the former Chastain teacher, was the second witness to take the stand Saturday.

Attorney Johnnie Walls Jr. tried to present to the jury that Carla Hughes was a good teacher , truthful and in her mother's observation in constant communication with Keyon Pittman.

Even on the day of Avis Banks' murder.

"She said this is Keyon calling me. And she came back and she said 'They've done, Keyon said that something's happened with Avis'. As I recall it," said Lynda Hughes.

Hughes' friend Camesha Cotton Jones, who lived near the home of Banks and Pittman, also testified.

Cell phone records placed Hughes in the area the day of the murder.

"They're claiming that the only reason for her cell phone to hit that tower is that she had to be at that house. Well that's not the case. She had a reason, other reason to be in that area. What is her alibi? She was not there. She did not do it," said Hughes' Attorney Johnnie Walls Jr.

"I hope what the jury sees is this was in fact a romantic relationship between Keyon Pittman and Carla Hughes and that helps us establish our motive for the crime," said Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest.

Monday the defense will call Hughes' former landlord to provide proof of an apartment burglary and her alleged need for a weapon.

Walls said the 28-year-old will decide this weekend if she will take the stand in her own defense.

Walls also recalled Ridgeland Police Lt. John Neal to testify that Hughes' prints were not found at the home.

Neal also stated that he believed the killer wore gloves.

The trial resumes Monday at 9 a.m.