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Celtic Fest underway this weekend

By Julie Straw - bio | email

It may be surprising for some to find that the luck of the Irish or Scottish for that matter can be found right here in Mississippi.

"A lot of the South was covered by the Scottish and Irish when they came over from their homeland and they settled in the south so us all in this area have roots tied to the Celtic nations. That's why we're here," said Mike Harper, board member of the Celtic Heritage Society.

The annual festival allows folks to get in touch with their roots by eating traditional Celtic cuisine or taking a music lesson on the bagpipes.

"A lot of wind power for me. I've always enjoyed the instrument. I think it is fantastic instrument. There's a lot of history in it," said Reba Causey, learning the bagpipes.

For the first time in Celtic Fest's history men and women can learn about their heritage through sport. When it comes to highland games it's all about showing off your brute strength.

Stone throws, there are a weight for distance, weight for heights, chief toss and most popular is the kever where you literally flip a tree over," said   John Micka, Highlands Game competitor.

"I'm six foot three, they frighten me, they really do, but I couldn't do it." "The ladies look good. It looks very heavy. It's not that heavy. They are between 17-22 feet tall, they range I think the heavy one today is about 118 pounds." said Ralph Watson, game watcher.

Despite a few rain showers, people watched the games, sported the kilts, soaked up the music and all the Celtic culture they could until next year.

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