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Miss Mississippi 2009

Miss Mississippi - Scholarship

By Maggie Wade - bio| email

Vicksburg -(WLBT)- All many people see are the sequined gowns and swimsuits at Miss Mississippi. but these contestants have beauty, and brains. Many are planning careers in Science, Education, Medicine, and Business and they use the scholarship money from the pageant to continue their education.

The young women who participate in the Miss Mississippi pageant system say you can't do it without vision. They are active in their communities and many attend college on academic scholarships. The Miss Mississippi pageant helps them continue their careers with scholarship money.  Danielle Smith of Meridian says the money is important to students.

"Being a former soccer player I had academic scholarships there and then after I finished soccer it was like where is the money coming from and then fortunately being the fourth runner up and then second runner up here at Miss Mississippi, I mean my parents, my dad is like Danni make sure the money's going in."

Corie Stanford says the scholarship money has kept her coming back to Miss Mississippi.

"Through scholarships with that and academic scholarships I graduated from Mississippi State University not paying one dime for my education."

The reigning Miss Mississippi, Christine Kozlowski says she has earned in two years more than 23 thousand dollars.

"I am of course pursuing my major but at the same time I want to be a diabetes educator and so those two things are rolling around in my head, and you know I love to cook, so I'm possibly pursuing culinary school after that",  said Kozlowski.

The Miss Mississippi Pageant has led the nation in the amount of scholarship money it provides contestants.  Anna Tadlock of Jackson says the scholarship money opens doors to the future.

"There are just certain academic opportunities that we would not be able to have if those funds were not available to us. We wouldn't be able to get to go to that dream graduate school, or that dream program that we want to get into for whatever field we want to have as a career", Tadlock said.

Contestants will win money for preliminary competition and Saturday night when the top 10 are announced, the top five and finally, Miss Mississippi 2009. Every win puts them closer to their goal of the crown and another diploma.

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