Hundreds attend Melton memorial service - - Jackson, MS

Jackson, MS 05/12/09

Hundreds attend Melton memorial service

By David Kenney - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The life of Jackson mayor Frank Melton was celebrated by his family, loved ones and friends in downtown Jackson Tuesday.  A memorial service was held for the late mayor at Thalia Mara Hall.

Melton's wife Ellen and their children entered City Hall, led by a police escort, joined by hundreds more who came to pay respects to a man respected and admired by many more.

Rev. Charles Polk said, "Brother Frank Melton, Lord we thank you for his life we thank you for all the good things he has done."

The ceremony was filled with prayer, and stories of Melton's accomplishments, along with musical performances by the Williams Brothers, The Jackson Southernaires, and the Mississippi Mass Choir.

Goldia Revies, who worked with Melton for 22 years, spoke on behalf of the city. "He was a man who seemed equally at ease whether he was in a board room surrounded by seasoned executives or in a swimming pool surrounded by children who were splashing or screaming with joy. In fact to the casual observer I understand how his leadership style sometimes made him seem larger than life."

Moses Smith says, "Frank was a giver, never a taker he was always there to help no matter how busy he was, no matter the time of day, and never asked or needed anything in return."

Melton's family also spoke, on why he was also a leader at home.

Melton's son, Matthew Melton said, "Growing up as a young man that was probably the hardest thing for me to see my dad helping other people but as I matured as a man I realized that's what defined him."

The mayor's brother, Rodney Melton says, "I pray that the federal government I love very much moves on and lets Jackson heal and grown and become the city it deserves to be amen."

Jim Evans said, "Frank Melton was focused on making other lives better and to improve the quality of lives for the people of Jackson, MS."

The entire ceremony lasted just over an hour, for a man who gave his life to helping others.

Revies says, "The highest tribute we can pay to his memory is to continue working together to enhance the quality of life in this great city."  

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