Gulfport, MS 04/25/09 - - Jackson, MS

Gulfport, MS 04/25/09

Dan Aykroyd comes to MS Gulf Coast

By Jeff Lawson

GULFPORT, MS (WLBT) - Friday Dan Aykroyd was in Gulfport signing autographs.

They were lined up by the hundreds waiting. One guy even brought his own Blues Brothers car and another was wearing his custom built Ghostbusters outfit.

"Built it all myself, took me about six months. Custom light kit and I will blow his mind today," said Michael Perkins of Mobile, AL.

"Dan Aykroyd right here, Dan Aykroyd is right here," Perkins said.

Sure enough, it was him. The first thing this Hollywood star did, was greet all the police on hand as well as his fans.

"Happy, Merry Christmas, Yea., whose car is that?", Ackroyd asked.

 Before going in the package store, Aykroyd stopped to sign his names on Blues Brothers cars dashboard and that guy in the Ghostbusters outfit, had his moment as well.

 "Mr. Aykroyd, I am Michael Perkins," Perkins said introducing himself to the celebrity.

Aykroyd, who spends a lot of time in New Orleans, told us he is impressed with what he sees happening on the Mississippi Coast.

 "The Gulf Coast kind of suffered from lack of media attention, now it looks like there is attraction going on, things are being redeveloped and redone," Aykroyd said.

 The native of Canada has been in the movie business for decades now. But his reputation is one of being a regular guy.

"I have had very good luck in getting employment, and working with great people I would say a lot of it luck and a lot of it breaks and I just consider myself extremely fortunate. "

Aykroyd spent a lot of time posing for pictures, signing autographs and just interacting with the fans. This may come as a surprise, but this Emmy Award winner, is a reserve officer, with the Harahan, Louisiana Police Dept...he loves it.

"The people who matter the most, in life are the EMT's, nurses, teachers, firefighters, soldiers and police," Aykroyd said.


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