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Jackson, MS 04/03/09

McMillin endorses Crisler for mayor

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Two days after stepping down as Jackson Police Chief, Sheriff Malcolm McMillin is throwing his support behind Marshand Crisler for mayor.

McMillin and Crisler made the announcement at the state capitol this morning.

McMillin says he stepped down because he felt mayor Frank Melton was not the man he would choose to run the city for the next four years.

He said he was also concerned about Melton's health, and the distraction that he has been during his administration.

Crisler says the former chief did a great job leading the police force but would not comment on whether he would hire him back in that position, if elected as mayor.

"Chief sheriff mcmillin has done a fantastic job. I know that because the citizens of Hinds County have elected him five times and I know he has the experience, the wherewithall, the commitment to law enforcement, protecting our citizens" says Crisler.

"I'm not doing this because I need a job.  That's not the bargain. He hasn't asked and I haven't said I'd serve so this is not about a job fair, this is about a race for the mayor of the city of Jackson" McMillin added.

Jackson Mayor Frank Melton responded today saying he respects both McMillin and Crisler.

The mayor says that it is McMillin's choice who he wants to support for mayor, and he does not want to get into a discussion about who he is backing in the race.

Marshand Crisler also received an endorsement from state representative Credell Calhoun at this morning's news conference.

For a complete list of candidates for city offices, click here .

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