McMillin, Melton argue publicly - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 03/25/09

McMillin, Melton argue publicly

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Jackson Mayor Frank Melton and Sheriff Police Chief Malcolm McMillin have gotten into a public argument over the type of patrol cars used. 

McMillin says it is the first time the mayor has tried to interfere in the department since Melton appointed McMillin to the post 18 months ago. 

Melton told the city council Tuesday night, that "white shirts" were riding around in black SUV's while patrolman have to use older patrol cars.  The SUV's are Nissan Pathfinders.   

Melton called the SUV's a waste of money. McMillin says they only cost just over $700 more than Ford Crown Victorias, which are used a sqad cars, but they get a lot better mileage with V-6 engines. 

When told McMillin says the SUV's get better mileage Melton said, "Then maybe we ought to buy SUV's for all the patrolmen." 

The police department has 5 Nissan Pathfinders.

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