Mayoral candidates speak at library forum - - Jackson, MS

Jackson, MS 03/23/09

Mayoral candidates speak at library forum

By Roslyn Anderson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Jackson mayoral candidates appeared at a public forum Monday night.

The event was hosted by the Northside Library.

Twelve candidates seeking the office of mayor gathered to talk about the role libraries played in their lives and answer questions from the public.

One question raised quite a bit of interest and lively comment.

A voter asked if the sheriff would remain police chief.

"There will not be the same person that is the sheriff of Hinds county and the chief of police," said David Archie(I).

"I certainly advocate for those two departments to work together to make our community a safe place. I think that you have to be I agree full time if you're gonna hold that position," said Marshand Crisler(D.

"It to be a full time police chief. Let's start with the structure because right now we don't have any structure. We have an agreement," said Harvey Johnson (D).

"There is no way an individual can do part time work being a police chief in a city such as Jackson," said Robert Johnson(D).  

"I plan to hire the best person I can possibly find in that position, and I see that as very, very difficult to do both jobs," said John Horhn (D).

"We do need a full time police chief for the City of Jackson, but I am also a proponent of collaboration between the city and the county," said John Jones Jr. (D).

Still others offered what they would do if elected.

"The goal is to make the city more marketable. We have a bad perception. People perceive it to be a bad place," said Robert Amos (I).

"We want to make sure we educate our people. As mayor of the City of Jackson that we all do the things that need to be done in Jackson," said Eddie Fair (D).

"I'm not going to make you any promises because I don't know the depth or breath of every situation in the City of Jackson, but as the only attorney in this race I can tell you one thing I'll bring responsibility," said Faye Peterson (D).

"I have not spent time in office and failed the leadership that I promised. I'm different. I bring a fresh face as well as fresh ideas," said Brenda Scott (D).

"Don't go out here saying you're gonna do this, you're gonna do that. That's a lie because you have people over you," said Jobari Toins (D).

"What I will bring to it is honesty, integrity and dignity, and we will calm the chaos and end the continuing cycle of conflict, chaos and confusion," said Rick Whitlow (I).

All candidate agreed that problems with streets and infrastructure as well as public safety need to be solved by the next administration.  

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