Melton disqualified from mayoral primary - - Jackson, MS

Jackson, MS 03/17/09

Melton disqualified from mayoral primary

By Howard Ballou - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Jackson Mayor Frank Melton's bid for re-election has hit a road block. The Jackson Democratic Municipal Executive Committee disqualified Melton, saying he does not meet the city's residency requirements because he files for homestead exemption in Texas and not in Jackson.

The mayor invited us into his 2 Carter's Grove home in Jackson Tuesday night and talked about the committee's decision.

"Howard, I've known you for 25 years and you know for the last 18 years this is exactly where I've lived" he told Howard Ballou. "I'm very comfortable here. Ellen and I raised over 70 kids in this house right here. Everybody in Jackson knows that. The homestead exemption is here in Jackson, it is not in Texas."

Melton's residency was challenged in his 2005 run for mayor. Back then, the Attorney General ruled that April fourth was too late for homestead exemption questions to disqualify Melton.

Tuesday's vote was unanimous meaning Melton's name will be removed from the ballot for the May 5th primary.

Melton says a court challenge will begin Wednesday.

Just back from Texas where he had a physical, the mayor also told us his health has improved so much that he is no longer in need of a heart transplant.

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