Consider This

  CONSIDER THIS: Helping after Hurricane Florence

WLBT has partnered with the American Red Cross to provide information on how options to help people dealing with the effects of the storm. You can go to to learn more or you can simply text the word Florence to 90999 and $10 will be donated specifically to Florence relief efforts.

  CONSIDER THIS: Cleaning the Pearl River

It’s hard to understand how people can just toss their trash on the ground, leave it and be so inconsiderate to everyone else who enjoys fishing along the waterway.

CONSIDER THIS: Department of Corrections

Some people may not have much sympathy or concern about the circumstances that led to their deaths since they were convicted of crimes, but as Governor Bryant said, they are just as important as anyone else in the state of Mississippi whose lives have been lost.

CONSIDER THIS: Weather Preparedness

Hopefully Gordon is only a minor inconvenience causing very minimal damage. An uneventful event will be a good test to make sure we are prepared if a major storm heads our way in the future.

CONSIDER THIS: Infrastructure Funding

This week the state legislature worked together to provide necessary funding to fix our roads and bridges and other crumbling infrastructure. The two chambers have been at odds on how to address this, so it was good to see the house and senate come to an agreement so quickly on the funding sources.

CONSIDER THIS: Mississippi Weekend

Mississippi Weekend is online, on your phone and on TV as our Host and Producer, Cat Green, travels around our state.

CONSIDER THIS: Jackson Police Funding

There have been 59 homicides so far in Jackson and the murder rate is on track to set a new record. This week interim Police Chief James Davis said he can't keep officers because of low pay. The department is budgeted for 418 employees, but right now has nearly 100 job openings.

CONSIDER THIS: We Are Here to Represent You

President Trump continues to be frustrated with media coverage that is not flattering, using terms like "disgusting fake news,' and in one presidential tweet, saying journalists "cause wars."

CONSIDER THIS: Driver Service Operation Needs Overhaul

If you've had to visit a driver's license facility you know it is an inefficient operation and a great example of government dysfunction. Instead of reducing the number of offices, the Department of Public Safety needs to open more locations, especially in the more populated areas like Metro Jackson. ?

CONSIDER THIS: Time for a Special Session

We keep waiting to hear when Governor Bryant will call a special legislative session to address funding for roads, bridges and other infrastructure. Word is, leaders in the Senate and House can't agree on what they will consider as options for those funding sources.

CONSIDER THIS: Get Out of the Zoo Business

The situation at the Jackson Zoo has gone from bad to worse to the point of no return. The small glimmer of hope that the zoo could survive with a possible move to another location in Jackson is no longer an option

  CONSIDER THIS: Jackson Schools Bond Referendum

Next week people who live in Jackson will decide if they want to invest in their public schools. There is a referendum that, if approved, would generate $65 million for building improvements, renovations and other construction projects.

CONSIDER THIS: Stop the Spillway Littering

It's hard to understand how people can be so inconsiderate and unconcerned about keeping the area clean.

CONSIDER THIS: Weather Alert Days

July and August are the hottest months in Mississippi, and this weekend the heat will be intense. In fact, the weather will be so hot we are bringing extra attention to the conditions implementing Weather Alert Days for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

CONSIDER THIS: Jackson Murders

We have shared many times that things are improving in Jackson. The new administration has been in office for more than a year and the leadership team is having a positive impact on infrastructure and other areas that have been neglected.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Brandon Mayor Butch Lee

The US Supreme Court ruled last month that states can require those who sell goods with no physical presence in our state to remit sales tax. That puts our local business owners on a level playing field with internet sales.


New laws went into effect this week and one deals with people who like to camp in the left lane when driving. The new guidelines apply to any road with at least four lanes stating a vehicle should not impede traffic in the left lane.

CONSIDER THIS: Remembering Mississippians

Carruth and Dye left their mark in different ways, but they both loved our state and they left it better than they found it.


Even though our company is growing, WLBT will remain committed to communities we serve across Central and Southwest Mississippi.

CONSIDER THIS: Immigration

Thousands and thousands of people have been illegally crossing the southern border of the United States. When the adults were charged with breaking the law, they were separated from their children.

CONSIDER THIS: Help Prevent Suicides

You can encourage them to contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK, that's 1-800-273-8255.

  CONSIDER THIS: Cleaning Up the Water Billing Mess

Earlier this year the city revealed there was more than $20 million in missing revenue after discovering a third of the city's residents do not get water bills. For a city struggling for revenue, recovering that money is critical.

CONSIDER THIS: We Need to Vote

The people elected to represent us cast votes that impact how much we pay in taxes, the funding Mississippi receives for road and bridge improvements, health benefits, and many of our very important rights we have as Americans.

CONSIDER THIS: Things Must Change

A freaking open manhole cover.

My Turn: DISH Satellite

I would like to take a moment to address our viewers who watch us through the DISH satellite system. On August 1st, there is a chance our signal will be removed from the DISH network system.

My Turn: Bomb Threats

Someone called in a bomb threat to the Pearl Wal-Mart Sunday. Apparently they didn't get the word on how serious bomb threats are taken.

My Turn: Hutto Penalty

James Hutto's murder trial has been quite a show. Hutto, who senselessly murdered 81-year-old Ethel Simpson, had several volatile outbursts during the trial.

My Turn: Election Shocker

Throw out all the polls showing Chokwe Lumumba trailing in the Jackson mayor's race, polls don't vote. Can we all be honest about this election?

My Turn: Hero Overused

Is it just me, or do every time I turn around someone is being hailed as a "hero?" Last week Jason Collins, an NBA basketball player, publicly announced he was gay.

Your Turn: JSU Domed Stadium

I am in favor of Jackson State University building a domed campus stadium instead of continuing to pour money into Memorial Stadium and the Coliseum, but don't believe there is enough population in the Jackson Market to support 50,000 seats. Here are some Your Turn comments

My Turn: JSU Dome

Jackson State University recently announced plans for a $200 million, 50,000 seat domed campus stadium. JSU has been asking for a campus stadium for years.

My Turn: American Spirit

The Boston Marathon is a famous race whose participants show the discipline and determination to run 26.2 miles.

My Turn: Dept. of Revenue building decision

The Department of Revenue may have a new home soon. The Department of Finance and Administration has determined that South Point in Clinton, was the best and most economical choice.

My Turn Your Turn: Voice your opinion

WLBT has a long history of airing editorials on the issues we face in Mississippi. Editorials are just opinions.

Miss. Dept. of Health offering free immunizations

In a move to make prevention a priority, health leaders in Mississippi are offering a rare incentive this week to get kids a shot in the arm, and it's free.

Sound Off: JSU Madison Campus

Cities are very competitive when it comes to recruiting new businesses.  That is why it is strange when Jackson State University signs a 10 year lease in Madison for an offsite campus and the mayor of Madison doesn't welcome their business.

Sound Off: District 2 Representation

Hinds County District 2 Supervisor Doug Anderson recently announced his resignation after experiencing health issues. Then a few weeks later he rescinds his resignation because other supervisors indicated they were going to appoint Gil Sturgis.

Point of View: Christmas storms

It's not like the Christmas storms just appeared from nowhere. We had been talking about this impending weather event for nearly a week and the wind, rain, and potential flooding that was going to happen. And it did happen.

Sound Off: Political Debates

Mississippi's local politics have always been interesting, but this year Mississippi politics is in the national spotlight.