Scam alert for 2019: ‘Shimming’ is the new skimming

Get a free Frosty a day for all of 2019 for just $2

Consumer Warning: Netflix phishing scam circulating

Parents beware: Watch out for Fortnite charges on your credit card

Natchez Trace Parkway open to visitors during government shutdown

Amazon locating consumer goods fulfillment center in Marshall County, creating 850 jobs

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  Local food bank agrees with Trump administration’s proposed work requirements for food stamps

Cash motivates school, community to recycle

Deadline looming if you want your packages before Christmas

Trio of new businesses now open in downtown Brandon

Trial dates set in Mike Moore’s fight against opioid industry

Local Toys for Tots in need of donations

  COJ water and sewer event ends with many wanting answers

The City of Jackson along with the “Working Together Jackson” put together a two day event to help assist customers with their outstanding water bills.

Jackson hosts 2-day customer service event for water bill problems

The City of Jackson along with Working Together Jackson helping citizens keep their water flowing with a two-day customer service event.

  Holiday pest proofing your live and artificial tree

Tree experts and exterminators offer tips on pest proofing your Christmas tree

Toyota recalls address possible restraint, braking issues

Thursday, the auto maker recalled nearly 90,000 Land Cruisers and Lexus LX-570 vehicles from the past decade over a safety issue that involves the front passenger seat belt.

  Doctors warn of the tampon recall posing a serious health threat

TRAFFIC ALERT: Center lanes of I-20 to close in Hinds County

Toyota, Lexus vehicles recalled again due to possible Takata airbag explosions

Toy Testers: 2018′s hottest toys for your kids

Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner is pushing for truth-in-labeling on lab-grown meat

Woman uses stolen credit cards at Vicksburg Gamestop

  Lab-grown meat: Would you eat it?

Have you ever heard of lab-grown or cell-based meat? Several companies are working to get it produced and ready for sale.

Healthcare advocates proposing cigarette tax hike

Healthcare advocates and smoking opponents urge lawmakers to raise the cigarette tax by $1.50.

Small Business Saturday keeps money local

Shoppers are encouraged to show love and shop small this weekend.

Restaurants open on Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving is this week and consumers all around the country will be rushing around to see family. Some may want to grab a bite while on the road and some may need to make a last-minute grocery run.

Thanksgiving holiday is busiest travel time of the year

Thanksgiving Travel Looking Good in Jackson

3 On Your Side Investigates: Risky Business

We're on the brink of the big holiday shopping rush. But before you hand over your plastic, learn where identity thieves are most likely to lurk. They leave their footprint in places you might not suspect,

Public Service Commission charges three telemarketers for no-call violations

The PSC’s investigation found that these companies made 90 illegal calls to Mississippians. Should these entities be found to have violated the No-Call law, they are subject to a $5,000 per call fine; totaling $450,000.

Macy’s in hot water with shoppers over perceived ‘racist’ holiday ad

Cincinnati-based retail giant Macy’s is in hot water with shoppers, including a Queen City councilman, over a holiday ad depicting families that many are calling racist.

Northpark Mall celebrates grand makeover

Northpark Mall celebrates it's grand makeover just in time for holidays

3 On Your Side Investigates: The High Cost of Living

How to get control of your medical bills so they don't bankrupt you.

Cookie-dunking for your convenience: Oreo releases Ultimate Dunking Set just in time for the holidays

The set, which sells for $17.98 at Walmart, features two mugs with a place to stack your Oreos, and two red tongs to dunk them in your milk.

Dry dog food recalled over possible vitamin D toxicity

Dogs with elevated levels of vitamin D may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling and weight loss.

Raytheon spends $100 million to expand radar building operations

Raytheon invests $100 million to expand facility to build navy ship radar.

Phone scam threatens arrest by posing as local police department

People are getting a phone call that they owe fines to the Clinton Police Department, but officials warn that this is a scam.

Dangerous Deliveries: Why are black women dying during childbirth?

Black women are three to four times more likely than white women to die from pregnancy-related complications, according to the Centers for Disease and Control.

Fox 40 Special Report: Digital Discounts Part II

We recently introduced you to a local couponing queen who shared a few tips on how to get the most bang for your buck by using coupons and codes. We’re back with more tips showing you how planning and preparation can really add up.

PSC charges telemarketers $2 million for no-call violations

If these companies did violate the no-call law they could be charged a $5,000 fine for each call, which would total over $2 million in total.

Taking Back Our Streets: Lurline Drive eyesores

You work your whole life to realize the American dream of home ownership only to see the houses around you become eyesores.

Body cam blast prompts NYPD recall of nearly 3,000 devices

A photo shows a police body camera that exploded inside the 121 Precinct station house on Staten Island as a patrol officer prepared to head out for the midnight shift.

Exploding toilets prompt recall of 1.4 million flushing systems

The pressure can lift the tank lid and shatter the tank, posing impact and laceration hazards to consumers and property damage, officials said. Twenty-three have been hurt so far, officials said.

C Spire Tech Movement, educators launch Software Development Pathway in select schools

Workers with a background in computer science are in high demand and short supply in Mississippi. That's why C Spire is partnering with Mississippi State University's new Center for Cyber Education.

Fox 40 Special Report: Digital Discounts

Couponing is nothing new, but with more people turning to online shopping, new techniques have the savviest of shoppers saving thousands with just the click of a button.

Emergency water main repair leads to water outage in Jackson

Due to an emergency water main repair, there will be a water outage starting Friday at 7:00 p.m.

Report: Toxic metal known to cause cancer found in jewelry sold at national retailers

A new report from the Associated Press and nonprofit Center for Environmental Health says some jewelry sold at big national retailers contains high levels of a toxic metal known to cause cancer.

Report: Walmart files patent for new shopping cart

A new shopping cart that helps to read a customer’s heart rate, temperature and pace may soon be headed to one of the nation’s largest retailers.

Mississippi imposes new tax on hybrid, electric vehicles

Owners of hybrid and electric vehicles in Mississippi received a notice from the state Department of Revenue informing them of the new annual tax on their vehicles.

Bad gas at Shell on Ridgewood Road breaks down cars

Bad gas breaks down cars at Ridgewood Shell

Mississippi Attorney General warns against e-cigarette use among teens

Attorney General Jim Hood warns parents about the marketing practices of e-cigarettes that are targeting teens.

Taking Back Our Streets: Abandoned home creates vermin problem

WLBT news got a call from a viewer about abandoned property next to hers that is causing major problems, including health hazards.

Jackson family without set of wheels thanks to massive pothole

Clinton Alexander says he was driving Sunday night in the rain, when he suddenly struck a large pothole on Northside Drive near the I-55 Frontage Road.

Exclusive: Timeline for Jackson’s parking meter overhaul revealed

By the end of next year, Jackson city leaders hope a new transportation system encouraging pedestrian-friendly spaces, bike paths and modern parking meters will draw more people into the Capital City.

Heinz announces new ‘Mayochup’

The company has announced that a new flavor, called ‘Mayochup’, will be coming to shelves soon.

‘All 4 Children’ consignment event held at Mississippi Trade Mart

Tenth annual 'All 4 Children' Consignment Event held at Mississippi Trademart

3 On Your Side Special Report: In the Heat of the Moment

What if fire breaks out at YOUR home? You and your family will have less than three minutes to get out. One step can save crucial minutes in the heat of the moment: having a plan mapped out, to get out.

Red Brick Roads Festival wraps 2-day run in Clinton

People from all over the Jackson metro area converged on Clinton this weekend for a music festival organizers say is only getting bigger.

Digital Defense: Putting personal safety apps to the test

The apps we tested are all free, and they're all designed to protect you when you need help, without opening a contact list.