Bridge Closures

  More than 500 Mississippi bridges remain closed

Bridge closures took up a lot of our coverage time in 2018. So, we wanted to know the latest status of Mississippi's bridges.

  Bridge problems in south Mississippi leave residents frustrated

New Developments tonight out of Wilkinson County. A heavily traveled bridge closed for a year causing traveling headaches and safety concerns for drivers, but it will soon reopen. Residents say there are still some bridges in neighboring counties in bad shape.“If I don’

Two metro area bridges could be hazardous to some drivers

Driving down Suncrest Drive in south Jackson, you’ll go through a bump in the road here and there, but crossing one of the bridges could cause serious damage to your car.

Bridge work is still happening in Hinds County

Bridge closures are still happening in Hinds County.

City of Vicksburg applying for $1.6 million grant for erosion problem

City of Vicksburg applying for $1.6 million grant for erosion problem

New bridge weight regulations go into effect

State officials lowered the weight limit for people who have harvest permits, but there was confusion in the trucking industry about whether that actually gave them fewer restrictions.

Bridge closure lawsuit filed by two Mississippi counties now pending in court

An attorney from the attorney general's office said counties are subjecting citizens to what she would call a game of Russian roulette.

Hinds County bridge expected to close at 10 am Monday

A Hinds County bridge is closing after it was inspected.

Bridge closures impacting residents across Hinds County

Nineteen bridges have been ordered to close in the county by next week, but some of those bridges have been fixed, just not inspected by the Federal Highway Administration.

City of Jackson closes 11 bridges for repairs

This brings the the number of closed bridges in the Capital City to 11. Public Works Director Robert Miller says crews are working to manage the issue.

Compromised bridges leave rural communities concerned about emergency response

Bridge inspections by the Office of State Aid Road Construction lead to some closures and downgrades for weight limits.

Local bridges around Mississippi are under the microscope by the feds

A Senate committee is once again considering a gas tax as a way to get more money for roads and bridges statewide. They learned more about the needs in a set of meetings this week. Mississippi's wooden bridges are in jeopardy of closing if they haven't already.