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Romania maternity hospital hit by superbug to reopen

Romania's health minister says a maternity hospital in the capital where 45 babies were diagnosed with a drug-resistant superbug has been given the all-clear to reopen

Health insurance on demand? Some are betting on it

Higher percentage of California pot passing safety tests

4 die in crash of Portuguese medical emergency helicopter

Ruling to strike down health law puts GOP in a quandary

Alaska groups sue EPA to enforce clean air laws in Fairbanks

Steps taken to address Walter Reed shooting alert error

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'Young miracle:' Baby recovers from Ebola in Congo outbreak

Tainted romaine lettuce traced to at least 1 California farm

Renewed battle over using fetal tissue in medical research

With OK from Congress, US hemp market set to boom

First lady spreads anti-bullying message at kids' hospital

5 convicted in meningitis outbreak case; 1 acquitted

UNAIDS head to quit post early following scathing report

The head of the U.N. agency AIDS says he'll leave his post in June, an early departure date that comes a week after an independent report looking into sexual harassment at the body blasted UNAIDS' "defective leadership."

German coalition tries to resolve dispute over abortion law

Germany's governing coalition is trying to resolve a long-running dispute over a ban on doctors advertising abortions

Former nicotine research monkeys now at primate sanctuary

More than two dozen monkeys that were test subjects in nicotine addiction research have been moved from an Arkansas lab to a Florida primate sanctuary

More sleep in Seattle: Later school start helps kids get zzz

High school students are getting more sleep in Seattle thanks to a later start of the school day

Cuba health mystery: Diplomats had inner-ear damage early on

Minnesota lawmakers discuss reining in soaring insulin costs

Health law sign-ups lagging as Saturday deadline is looming

Elderly man evicted over medical marijuana hits another snag

Doc took pics of sex abuse; patients seek their whereabouts

New Zealand law to make medical marijuana widely available

Record count reported for mysterious paralyzing illness

Health officials are reporting the most cases ever of a mysterious paralyzing illness in children

Justices won’t hear states' appeal over Planned Parenthood

The Supreme Court is avoiding a high-profile case by rejecting appeals from Kansas and Louisiana in their effort to strip Medicaid money from Planned Parenthood over the dissenting votes of three justices

Nobel Peace winners urge global action vs. sexual violence

Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad says that the only prize that can restore dignity of sexual violence victims is justice

Romania hospital says 39 babies now diagnosed with superbug

Romania hospital says 39 babies now diagnosed with drug-resistant superbug, triple last month

South Sudan to begin Ebola vaccinations as 'very high risk'

South Sudan to begin Ebola vaccinations as at 'very high risk' in neighboring Congo's outbreak

UK nerve agent survivor fears poison will soon kill him

A British man who was exposed to the deadly nerve agent Novichok says he is struggling with his eyesight and mobility, and fears the poison will kill him within a decade

Nobel peace winners demand action against sex abuse

One of the winners of this year's Nobel Peace Prize says the attention the prize has drawn to sexual violence against women in war zones must be followed by action against the abuses

Italian police question witnesses in deadly disco stampede

Italian police are questioning more witnesses to find who sprayed an irritant, triggering a deadly disco stampede

Medical marijuana user, 78, evicted from subsidized housing

A man who uses a wheelchair and takes marijuana for back pain has been evicted from his federally subsidized apartment in upstate New York

UNAIDS found in 'crisis' after sex harassment claims

Independent experts looking into allegations of sexual harassment inside UNAIDS says the U.N agency's leadership is "in crisis" and says it should consider whether its top official must go

US backers of Paris accord set up camp at climate talks

Hundreds of U.S. states, cities, businesses and churches are establishing a presence at the U.N. climate talks to show many Americans remain committed to curbing global warming

Ebola spreads to major Congo city as vaccines a concern

Deadly Ebola outbreak spreads to major Congo city as vaccine supply becomes a concern

School lunch rules OK refined grains, low-fat chocolate milk

Refined grains, low-fat chocolate milk will be allowed back on U.S. school lunches

Correction: Cheaper EpiPen Rival story

Correction: Cheaper EpiPen Rival story

Groups sue to block medical marijuana compromise in Utah

Advocacy groups in Utah sued to block a compromise agreement legalizing medical marijuana, accusing the Mormon church of unconstitutional interference in the gutting of a measure approved by voters

Obama health law sign-ups lagging for 2019

Obama health law sign-ups lag for 2019; number of new customers down about 18 percent

Study that took aim at 'Joy of Cooking' is retracted

Another study by a prominent food researcher is being retracted

EKG, other heart health features come to Apple Watch

Apple Watch is now fulfilling its promise to let people take EKGs of their heart and notify them of any irregular heartbeat.

Nobel laureates: Despite progress, cancer won't be wiped out

The winners of this year's Nobel Prize for Medicine say they expect substantial advances toward treating cancer in the next several decades although it is unlikely the disease could be eradicated

Dutch court refuses to order criminal tobacco investigation

A Dutch appeals court has refused to order public prosecutors to open a criminal investigation against tobacco companies, in a major setback for anti-smoking activists

Disneyland tower suggested as Legionnaires' disease source

A health official testified that a cooling tower that provides mist to make Disneyland guests more comfortable was the likely source for 22 cases in a Legionnaires' disease outbreak last year near the theme park

The Latest: Carbon dioxide emissions see steep jump in 2018

Scientists say after several years of little growth, global emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide have experienced their largest jump in seven years

Utah patients can use medical pot; but concerns still loom

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has signed into law a compromise agreement that guaranteed legalization of medical marijuana but has sparked concern that it creates too many hurdles for patients trying to access the drug

1st baby born using uterus transplanted from deceased donor

Brazilian doctors report world's first baby using a uterus transplanted from a deceased donor

More US beef being recalled over salmonella fears

More U.S. beef is being recalled because it may be contaminated with salmonella

World Health Organization wants panel to study gene editing

The chief of the World Health Organization says his agency is assembling experts to consider the health impacts of gene editing

WHO says it can fight Ebola outbreak despite US withdrawal

WHO says it can fight Ebola outbreak in Congo despite withdrawal of US experts over safety concerns

Empty boxes top high-tech toys on doctor-recommended list

Empty boxes top electronic games on pediatrician-recommended toy list for young children

Could anyone have stopped gene-edited babies experiment?

Scientific consensus and regulations in much of the world prohibit making genetic changes that could be passed to future generations. But nothing stopped the Chinese researcher from helping to make the world's first gene-edited babies.

The Latest: Groups decry meat-heavy menu at climate talks

Three environmental groups are criticizing the organizers of global climate talks in Poland for having too much meat on the meeting menu

California wildfire emissions equal year of power pollution

U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke says wildfires in California in 2018 released roughly the same amount of carbon emissions as are produced each year to provide electricity to the state

UN: Polio remains global emergency, eradication at risk

The World Health Organization says the ongoing attempt to eradicate polio remains a global emergency amid an increase in cases for the first time in years and a worrying number of outbreaks sparked by the vaccine

US urged to send Ebola experts in as Congo outbreak worsens

US urged to send its Ebola experts back to Congo outbreak despite fears about security concerns

Notorious for bad fumes, Madrid launches polluting-car ban

Madrid has activated Friday an anti-pollution ordinance that significantly restricts traffic of private vehicles in the city center, including a total ban on the most polluting cars

Bloomberg announces $50 million to fight opioid epidemic

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's charity has announced a $50 million donation to help fight the nation's opioid epidemic

Romania shuts hospital after babies diagnosed with superbug

Romanian health authorities temporarily close a maternity hospital in the capital after 13 babies born there were diagnosed with a drug-resistant bug

Fear that uproar over gene-edited babies could block science

The uproar over the unproven report of gene-edited births in China has researchers elsewhere worried about a backlash

Congo's Ebola outbreak now 2nd largest in history, WHO says

Congo's deadly Ebola outbreak is now 2nd largest in history, the World Health Organization says

Repeat outbreaks pressure produce industry to step up safety

After repeated food poisoning outbreaks, the produce industry is scrambling to contain future contaminations

Trump to sign bill extending HIV/AIDS program, Pence says

President Donald Trump will soon sign legislation to extend a 15-year-old HIV/AIDS program that has helped millions, primarily in Africa

HIV cases in children dropping but still too slowly, UN says

HIV cases in children are projected to drop but still too slowly, UN agency says

China halts work by team on gene-edited babies

China's government has ordered a halt to work by a medical team that claimed to have helped make the world's first gene-edited babies, as a group of leading scientists declared that it's still too soon to try to make permanent changes to DNA

Suicide, at 50-year peak, pushes down US life expectancy

Suicides and drug overdoses pushed up US deaths last year and pushed down life expectancy

Babies born in withdrawal new complication in opioid cases

A panel of judges is considering whether lawsuits filed on behalf of babies born to opioid-addicted mothers should be separated from a larger case against the drug industry

Younger school entry could set stage for ADHD diagnosis

Study shows the youngest children in kindergarten are more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than oldest.

California court reverses ruling against assisted suicide

A California appeals court has overturned a lower court ruling that found the state's assisted suicide law was unconstitutional

From Barron to casserole, first lady opens up on White House

First lady Melania Trump is sharing some details about life in the Trump White House, saying that son Barron is more interested in sports than social media and that she has no inclination to make casseroles

South Africa's young rape survivors need counseling: MSF

South Africa's young rape survivors need counseling and often don't get it, MSF report says

Another gene-edited baby may be on the way, scientist says

A Chinese researcher who claims to have helped make the world's first genetically edited babies says a second pregnancy may be underway

Gene-editing scientist under scrutiny by Chinese officials

A scientist who claimed he helped make the world's first gene-edited babies is now under investigation by Chinese government bodies and by his own university

Denver is latest city pushing for 1st US drug injection site

Denver and Philadelphia are pushing forward with what could be the first supervised drug injection sites in the U.S.

Gene-editing Chinese scientist kept much of his work secret

Chinese scientist who claims first gene-edited babies kept much of his work secret

UN: No sign of emissions peak in sight, action must be taken

The United Nations environment office is warning that the gap is widening between current greenhouse gas emissions and the levels needed to stop catastrophic global warming

Belgium investigates doctors who euthanized autistic woman

Belgian officials are investigating whether doctors improperly euthanized a woman with autism, the first criminal investigation in a euthanasia case since the practice was legalized in 2002

Proposed changes on Medicare drugs create winners and losers

The Trump administration is proposing changes to Medicare's prescription drug benefit that would affect people's costs over the next few years

Q&A on scientist's bombshell claim of gene-edited babies

Claim of gene-edited births in China raise questions about how scientists use a powerful lab tool

US officials: It's OK to eat some romaine, look for labels

Health officials say it's OK to eat some romaine again, but to check the label

Gene-edited baby claim by Chinese scientist sparks outrage

Gene-edited baby claim by Chinese scientist sparks investigations, outrage