Principal Allegedly Chokes Student - - Jackson, MS

Shreveport 10/05/07

Principal Allegedly Chokes Student

Shocking video out of Shreveport Louisiana tonight, and there are two pieces of video to show you. 

A principal allegedly choking one student and putting others in headlocks while trying to break up a fight.

It happened at Huntington High School and was captured in this cell phone video.

14-year old freshman Ladosheia (la-doe-sha) Williams says Principal Jerry Davis became enraged and choked her after she made a comment under her breath. There is another tape.

This video shows Principal Davis with what appears to be several different students, all in headlocks while trying to break up the fight.

Caddo Parish officials are investigating this incident and said they would not support or denounce Davis until they learned the events leading up to the fight. Davis has been placed on paid administrative leave.

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