Camden Volunteer Fire Department needing funding, manpower

VIDEO: Camden Volunteer Fire Department struggles

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The Camden volunteer fire department in Madison County has hit a rough patch.

Declining funding and limited resources have some working within the service questioning their effectiveness. There’s just over 1,200 residents in Camden according to the last Census.

Camden volunteer fire department
Camden volunteer fire department

The volunteer fire department is also small in funding -- about $5,000 a year.

Madison county District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin said, “It’s been struggling since because of the lack of funds that the district brings in a lot of people that live up here are older folds and they are tax exempt.”

The department is requesting more volunteers. There’s currently under 10 to cover a large rural area. Mutual aid with other departments is helping provide necessary fire protection

Griffin says a new fire Chief voted in by the board last year did not go over too well with some of the volunteers.

Some recently contacted 3 On Your Side, claiming fire department funds were being mismanaged, but declined to back up those claims on camera.

“We are going through a new administration. The new administration brings on changes and I’m going to give this new administration this Chief the opportunity to work it his way,” said Griffin.

For now the fire department will continue to operate on limited resources, where all are few and even further between.

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