Cleanup underway following Pearl flooding

Cleanup underway following Pearl flooding

PEARL, MS (WLBT) - Parts of Rankin county are still drying out from heavy rains that caused localized flooding Wednesday. Homes and businesses were hit with flood waters, as nearby creeks overflowed their banks.

A parking lot off Highway 80 was hit with over a foot of water after the rain started falling and didn’t stop.

Thursday, the cleanup is underway, and what was left behind was not a pretty sight.

Capital Pawn and Roses were closed for business Thursday, as cleanup from the flood was underway. Water and mud was being removed from the store floors, where more than three inches of water moved in during the peak of the flood.

Some merchandise damaged, as well as the floor and walls of the buildings.

Several cars in the parkinglot were also flooded.

On Old Brandon Road, carports were full of soaked items.

“I lost a lot," said Chrisgina Mollitt. "Yes it was awful. We lost a C.pap, We lost a laptop, we lost some televisions that were plugged in.”

Mollitt says she has insurance, only it won’t cover the contents of her home. This is what her block looked like

At the peak of the flood, a creek well out of its banks was only inches from her door. She says the creek was stuffed with debris before the rain fell.

“Then I go inside, there’s water up to your shins," added Mollitt. "The water receeded, then all we could do was get water vacs and wet vacs and start sucking up the water and throwing away stuff; trying to go through what’s wet, what’s salvagable before it mildews.”

State and Rankin County officials are collecting damage assessment numbers, hoping to request a State of Emergency for the city of Pearl, to help those hit by the flood, with their recovery.

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