Residents buy signs to fight speeders

They bought them at their neighborhood hardware store

Residents buy signs to fight speeders
speeder signs (David Kenney)

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -Homeowners in one Rankin county community are taking a new approach to cut down on speeders in their neighborhood. They’re using new, unique signs that can be bought at a local hardware store to get motorists to let off the gas.

The speed limit on Florence Byram Road is 30 miles per hour, but Robin Spaulding says many drivers go much faster. That’s why she recently invested in a yard sign that says ‘drive like your children live here’.

speeder signs
speeder signs

She and her neighbor bought them at their neighborhood hardware store, hoping motorists would heed the posted speeds.

Robin has already seen accidents in the Cleary area where speed was a factor, and she wants to keep herself and neighbors, especially young children, safe.

“I’m scared somebody’s going to hit me with my child in the back seat and there’s children that wait for the bus up the street at the church," said Robin. "My neighbor has kids; it’s an ongoing thing, it’s all the time.”

We talked to Rankin County Sheriff' Bryan Bailey about speeders in the area. He says state law prevents him from running radar there, but he does post up deputies from time to time, ticketing those that break the speed laws.

He believes the signs may make motorists think, before they drive over the speed limit.

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